Club Registration

Pathfinder Club Charter Application_revised2014 (pdf)

Yearly PF Club Registration (xlsx)

Club Membership

Pathfinder Medical Info and Liability Release Form (pdf)

Pathfinder Club Membership Application_Fillable (pdf)

Pathfinder Parental Consent

Pathfinder Record Form

TLT Program Application

TLT Program Club Registration

TLT Program Recommendation

Club Reporting / Inspection

Monthly Club Report Form with instructions (xlsx)

Merit System Score Chart

Quarterly Inspection Form


Baptismal Pin Request (pdf)

Ontario Conference Patch Order (pdf)


Applications / Nominations

OCPC Teen Nomination (pdf)

Pathfinder Scholarship Application (pdf)

Service Pin Application (pdf)

Child Safety / Risk Management

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

Mission Trips

Application  for Sending Church/ Club

Participant’s Application

Parental Consent

Medical Info and Liability Release