Here are a few ideas you can use to help raise funds for your club:

  1. Solicitation.
  • Each Pathfinder, including staff, is encouraged to look for at least 10 people as sponsors (preferably family and relatives – not necessarily fellow church members). With a donation of $15 or $20 (that’s up for the club to decide), the donor will receive a solar camping lantern (with the imprint of both the  Pathfinder and Chosen logos) as a token of appreciation. Note: No tax receipt will be issued.
  • Send solicitation letters to prospective sponsors/donors.
  • Fill out solar lantern order form and submit to the conference.
  • The lanterns will be available in June 2018.

Sample Solicitation letter for 2019 Chosen Camporee

SOLAR LANTERN_Order Form_2018

2.  Oshkosh camporee patches and t-shirts (Canadian edition)